Our Disaster Recovery Process

Reliable Restoration ® is able to navigate the special issues that arise from insurance-related work. We work with the insurance carriers in developing a commercial reconstruction plan that addresses the needs and concerns of the client, while making sure our client gets everything that they are entitled to in the process. Our unique perspective in knowing how the “system” operates gets us a leg up on our competition, and gives our client a greater end product every time.

1RELIABLE RESTORATIONS® arrives on site, evaluates damage and gives you scope of work. The owner/agent calls his/her insurance agent to file a claim and inform the insurance agent that RELIABLE RESTORATIONS® has evaluated the site and began scope of work.

2Business Agreement - owner is given a work agreement to sign and RELIABLE RESTORATIONS® begins mitigation.

3. Mitigation Begins -

  • Removal of excess water
  • Emergency demo work
  • Control spread of contaminants
  • Basic clean up and decluttering
  • Set up drying equipment and/or air filtration equipment

4. Drying and Repairs -

  • Removal of unsalvageable materials
  • Moisture map drying process
  • Property is dried
  • All equipment is removed from property

5. Billings and Final Repairs -

  • Property owner is ONLY responsible for their insurance deductible
  • Reliable Restorations sets up meetings between estimators and property owners
  • Reliable Restorations® writes estimate within 2 business days and sends to adjuster for approval
  • Reliable Restorations® gets approved pricing from adjuster
  • Contracts are signed
  • Property owner and Reliable Restoration® make selections for repairs and replacements
  • Repairs begin and are completed in a timely manner.