Mauricio and Johanna Suarez started the company in 2009 after the 2008 Financial Crisis. With 3 kids to feed and a house payment to make they found themselves without a job and money, it was then that they decided to make the best of what they had. With Mauricio's experience and skills they started offering "handyman" services to the people they knew. People started referring Mauricio and he started getting calls. A couple months later they bought their first truck, hired their first employee and Reliable Solutions Construction, LLC was born. After 6 years in business they re-branded the Company to Reliable Restorations® and as a full-service general contractor firm stared offering Commercial Uplifts, Exterior & Interior Renovations, Fire Restoration and Water Mitigation services to Commercial, Multifamily, Hospitality and Retail Industries.

Reliable is more than a business name, it's the company's most important core value and the reason why they keep a 95% customer retention rate. Stick around and experience the RELIABLE way to Restore and Renovate!